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Digital Slavery

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Must be monotonous

To persistently gaze at an infinite void

Between white spaces

Disillusioned by the information they dispel

Misled by catastrophes they embark on

On human soul and mind

So I gaze at you, unexpectedly, with empathy and pain

Why have you been unable to declutter your conscience from this space?

Why do you enslave yourself every passing hour?

Why do you sow these seeds of poison ivy, each day?

Why you isolate yourself from your spiritual destiny, each night?

I see you climb down these euphoric cyber pipelines, like a burglar

Clasping tightly on to these tall futile walls of binary dungeon

Unable to sanitize the mental space

I ask myself, when will you ever learn how to differentiate?

When will you learn how to prioritize?

So I watch you from the sidelines of this digital divide

My roots grow thicker and wide

Entrenched deeply into human suffering

Incapable of holding mindful conversations

Or thought or human sentiments

So I watch you from the sidelines of this digital divide

On how your life is invaded

By the sagacious algorithmic invaders

On how, you, have no control over it

So I grin, in apathy and disconcerted agony

Painstakingly, cataloging answers

To questions, you never asked!

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