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Where it all began

I’m a blind child of English literature

Who fell in love with every nook & corner

Of Stratford-upon-Avon

Of how it was written in my sixth-grade textbook

Of how those words sparked curiosity in my mind

Elegantly describing, the shires of all shires

Warwickshire — the birthplace of a man

I was smitten with—

Smitten through his Latin pages and poetry

From Midsummer Night’s Dream to Hamlet’s conception

From Macbeth’s ghostly indecisiveness

To Venus and Adonis’ eroticism

So now, dear Lord, save me some grace,

Behold, how our fates have merged

I stand in glee; ferociously awestruck

Like the same sixth-grade girl

With an utter belief that dreams do come true

For mine stands right in front of me

In glee, I stand in front of his house

Where it all began.

*A dedication to William Shakespeare

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