A Glow in the Dark

Disarrayed between my eyes and soul, The latter says, "Let’s climb stars tonight", But the former fails to acknowledge. The latter, trumpets about serendipities and blessings, But the former, claims she knows no strangers.

Blinded by the fireflies that had caught her vision, Ablaze in agony and suspension, Questioning, what tunes must we play next? For here’s my soul that can see you, But my eyes are set ablaze. Ablaze. So, I feed no fire to the flame, Only to apprise playful cherubs of Aphrodite saying, "Go make some writer fall for you, And you’ll live a thousand years. But beware, to not fall in return, For they will press your heart veins, And dry them into ink." Only to proclaim to the rest of the world, “What a mighty feat, it was” To store prurient yet, sacred thoughts on unpigmented papers. Washed with names that can’t help collide, That shimmer, like grains of sand and burn like ash!

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